What is Tele-therapy, online counseling, or online therapy?

These are all terms used to describe mental health services that are offered digitally through secure HIPPA compliant video conferencing.  It is much like traditional therapy with the difference being that you are in a private location of your choice rather than visiting an office.

What are the benefits of Tele-therapy?

1. There are more options available to you in selecting a therapist of your choice because the barrier of geographic location is eliminated.

2. Ease of making an appointment that is flexible with your personal schedule.

3. Cost-savings by eliminating expenses that are incurred while seeking therapy services such as, parking fees, fuel, childcare, and/or time away from work.

4. Privacy of being able to seek services from a comfortable, private location of your choice.  For some individuals it can be anxiety provoking to visit an office or have to sit in a waiting room.

5. During the time of Covid, public health experts see that teletherapy can allow people to seek mental health services while minimizing the risk of spreading infection.





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